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Supply and delivery of construction materials for the improvement of DRRM building

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  • Published: Friday, 08 December 2017 11:20
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Republic of the Philippines

Province of Laguna



Resolution No. 180-S-2017

                                                  WHEREAS, the Municipal Government of Liliw, Laguna posted the Invitation to Bid for the supply and delivery of                                                                    construction materials for the improvement of DRRM Building at Brgy. Dita, this Municipality, in the PhilGEPS and                                                                    conspicuous place at the premises of the Municipality of Liliw, Laguna;

                                                  WHEREAS, in response to the said advertisement, only one (1) supplier/contractor submitted letter of intent and                                                                purchased the bid documents;

                                                  WHEREAS, one (1) bid was submitted on October 10, 2017 at 10:00 o'clock in the morning at the Conference Hall of the                                                        Municipal Building, Liliw, Laguna;

                                                  WHEREAS, the bid proposals of the bidder was found to be substantially complying:   

                                                                   Name of Bidder                        Bid Amount (as read)                     % variance from ABC

                                                   Liliw Municipal Employees MPC                     Php175,111.50                                          99%

                                                   WHEREAS, the detailed evaluation of bid conducted on October 13, 2017 resulted in the following:

                                                                    Name of Bidder                       Bid Amount (as calculated)              % variancefromABC

                                                    Liliw Municipal Employees MPc                    Php175,111.50                                             99%

                                                    WHEREAS, upon careful examination, validation and verification of all the eligibility, technical and financial                                                                       requirements submitted by the bidder with the Single calculated Responsive Bid, its bid has been found to be responsive.

                                                     NOW, THEREFORE, We, the Members of the Bids and Awards Committee, hereby RESOLVE as it is hereby RESOLVED:

                                                            a) To declare Liliw Municipal Employees MPC of Liliw, Laguna as the bidder with the Single Calculated and                                                                             Responsive Bid for the supply and delivery of construction materials for the improvement of DRRM Building at                                                                   Brgy. Dita, this Municipality;

                                                             b) To recommend for approval by the Hon. Ericson J. Sulibit, Municipal Mayor of Liliw, Laguna the foregoing                                                                         findings.

                                                  RESOLVED, at Liliw, Laguna this 2nd day of November, 2017.

                                                                               SGD. NERISSA A. SULIBIT                                    SGD. MARY MAILEEN S. SULIBIT

                                                                                       BAC Chairman                                                                Member

                                                 SGD.  DONATO R. PLACENTE              SGD. VIOLETA E. MONEVA          SGD. NOEMI B. COLLANTES

                                                                    Member                                          Member                                     Member

                                                 SGD. ERICSON J. SULIBIT

                                                         Municipal Mayor

                                                  Approved on 11-2-17