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Supply and delivery of NFA rice

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  • Published: Thursday, 12 October 2017 08:09
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                                                        NOTICE OF NEGOTIATED PROCUREMENT (AGENCY-TO-AGENCY SEC. 53(e) of RA 9184) which states that:

                                             Subject to the guidelines specified in the IRR, purchases of Goods from anther agency of the Government, such as the                                                           Procurement Service of the DBM, which is tasked with a centralized procurement of community used Goods for the                                                                government in accordance with Letters of Instruction No. 755 and Executive Order No. 359, series of 1989.

                                             The Municipal Government of Liliw, Laguna intends to purchase grains/rice from the National Food Authority for the                                                               Supplementary Feeding Program for Day Care Children for 1017 to 1018. The approved budget for the contract is One                                                           Hundred Thirty Five Thousand Pesos (Php135,000.00).