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Construction of flood control concrete pavement

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  • Published: Tuesday, 01 August 2017 09:36
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                     3. In consideration to the payment to be made by the ENTITY to the CONTRACTOR as hereinafter mentioned, the CONTRACTOR hereby                                      covenants with the ENTITY to execute, complete and maintain the works and remedy any defects therein in conformity in all respect with the                          provisions of this Contract Agreement. The Contract Completion time is fifteen (15) working days.

                    4. The ENTITY hereby covenants to pay the CONTRACTOR in consideration of the execution, completion and maintenance of the works at the                               said bid prices stated in the said Form of Bid involving the estimated amount of Two Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand One hundred Forty One                             Pesos & 60/100 (Php299,141.60) in the same manner as prescribed by this Contract Agreement. After signing pf this contract, the ENTITY                               shall pay the CONTRACTOR the mobilization and demobilization costs. The succeeding payment shall be based on project progress                                           accomplishment billing.

                    5. The Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 9184 regarding the payment of liquidated damages shall applied in this Contract.

                    6. The Contractor shall comply with and strictly observe all laws regarding workmen's healthy and safety, workmen's welfare, compensation for                             injuries, minimum wages, hours of labor and other laws.

                    7. The Contractor's agrees to hire t least 50% of the unskilled and 30% of the skilled labor requirements in be taken from the available bonafide                           residents in this municipality in which the project is to be undertaken and penalizing those who fail to do so per Republic Act 6685.

                    8. The Contractors Covenant and agrees to undertake all works incidental to the completion of the project.

                    9. All other provisions of RA 9184 shall be applied to this Contract.

                        In witness whereof, the parties have caused their respective aignature to be hereunto affixed on the day and year first above written.

                   Singed, sealed, delivered by Hon. Ericson J. Sulibit, the Municipal Mayor (for the Entity)

                   Signed, sealed, delivered by Mr. Rolando T,. Ang, the Contractor (for the Contractor)

                   Binding Signature of PROCURING ENTITY

                   SGD. Hon. ERICSON J. SULIBIRT

                   Binding Signature of CONTRACTOR

                   SGD. Mr. ROLANDO T. ANG