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Construction of flood control concrete pavement

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Republic of the Philippines

Province of Laguna



                    This Contract Agreement made on this 29th day of June ,2017 at Liliw, Laguna by and between:

                                          the Municipal Government of Liliw, represented herein by the Hon. Municipal Mayor ERICSON J. SULIBIT, with office address at                                 Gat Tayaw Street, Liliw, Laguna, as the PARTY OF THE FIRST PART, hereinafter called the "ENTITY"' duly authorized for this purpose,


                                          R'Cel General Contractor and General Merchandise, with officer address at Brgy. Sto. Anglel, Sta. Cruz, Laguna, represented                                    herein by MR. ROLANDO T. ANG, Proprietor, who has been authorized for this purpose as the PARTY OF THE SECOND PART,                                              hereinafter called the "CONTRACTOR".

                              Whereas, the ENTITY is desirous that the CONTRACTOR execute the Works, viz, Construction of Flood Control Concrete Pavement at                          Brgy. Ibaba San Roque, this Municipality herein called the Works and ENTITY has accepted the Calculated Bid of the CONTRACTOR for the                          execution and completion of the Works at the calculated unit bid prices shown in the attched Bill of Quantities on a total Contract Price of                           Two Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand One Hundred Forty One Pesos & 60/100 (Php299,141.60) Philippine Pesos.

                             WHEREAS, the whole works in this PROJECT as covered by this CONTRACT shall be completed within fifteen (15) working days in                                accordance with the provisions of the said documents.

                             The items of work covered under this contract are enumerated: (Please see attached Bill of Quantities):


                    1. In this Contract Agreement, words and expressions shall have the same meanings as are respectively assigned to them in the Conditions of                        Contract herein referred to.

                    2. The following documents are hereby incorporated to made an integral part of this Contract Agreement.

                        a. The said procurement in the form of bidding procurement accomplished and submitted by the Contractor including (i) the Bid prices in                                 the Bill of Quantities (ii) the Construction Schedule (iii) the Manpower Schedule (iv) the Equipment Utilization Schedule (c) the Cash Flow                             and Payment Schedule and (vi) the Affidavit of Site Inspection.

                        b. the Conditions of the Contract

                        c. The Drawings

                        d. The specifications

                        e. The Bill of Quantities in the Said Form of Biod

                         f. Bid Security

                         g. The Performance Security of the Contractor