Proposed Municipal Slaughterhouse Site Development and Utilities - Contract Agreement -

Republic of the Philippines

Province of Laguna



                                           This Contract Agreement made on this  24th day of October, 2018 at Liliw, Laguna by and between:

                                                      the Municipal Government of Liliw, represented by the Hon. Municipal Mayor ERICSON J. SULIBIT, with office address                                             at Gat Tayaw Street, Liliw, Laguna, as the PARTY OF THE FIRST PART, hereinafter called the :ENTITY", duly authorize for                                                 this purpose,


                                                      Nabong-Collantes Construction, with office address at Brgy. Palayan, Liliw, Laguna, represented herein by MR.                                                      DANILO E. COLLANTES, Proprietor, who has been authorized for this purpose as the PARTY OF THE SECOND PART,                                                          hereinafter called the "CONTRACTOR".

                                          Whereas, the ENTITY is desirous that the CONTRACTOR execute the Works, viz, Proposed Municipal slaughterhouse site                                            Development and Utilities, located at Barangay Ilayang Taykin, this Municipality herein called the Works and ENTITY has accepted                                      the Calculated Bid of the CONTRACTOR for the execution and completion of the Works at the calculated unit bid prices shown in the                                    attached Bill of Quantities on a total Contract price of Three Million Four Hundred Ninety One Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Two                                      Pesos & 40/100 (Php3,491,882.40) Philippines pesos.

                                         Whereas, the whole WORKS in this PROJECT  as covered by this CONTRACT shall be completed within Ninety Five (95) days in                                    accordance with the provisions of the said documents.

                                         The items of work covered under this contract are enumerated: (Please see attached Bill of Quantities):


                                 1. In this Contract Agreement, words and expressions shall have the same meaning and are respectively assigned to them in the                                            Conditions of Contract herein referred to.

                                 2. The following documents are  hereby incorporated to made an integral part of this Contract Agreement.                                                                           a. The said procurement in the form of bidding procurement accomplished and submitted by the Contractor including (i) the Bid                                         prices in the Bill of Quantities (ii) the Construction Schedule (iii) the Manpower Schedule (iv) the Equipment Utilization Schedule                                         (v) the Affidavit of Site Inspection.

                                     b. The conditions of the Contract

                                     c. The Drawings

                                     d. The specifications

                                     e. The Bill of Quantities in the Said Form of Bid

                                     f. Bid Security

                                    g. The Performance Security of the Contractor

                               3. Inconsideration to the payment to be made by the ENTITY to the CONTRACTOR as hereinafter mentioned, the CONTRACTOR                                             hereby covenants with the ENTITY to execute, complete and maintain the works and remedy any defects therein in conformity in                                      all respect with the provisions of this Contract Agreement. The Contract Completion time is Ninety Five (95) days.

                              4. The ENTITY hereby covenants to pay the CONTRACTOR in consideration of the execution, completion and maintenance of the                                            works at the works of the said bid prices stated in the said Form of Bid involving the estimated amount of Three Million Four                                              Hundred Ninety One Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Two Pesos & 40/100 (Php3,491,882.40) in the same manner as prescribed by                                    this Contract Agreement. After signing of this contract, the ENTITY shall pay the CONTRACTOR the mobilization and demobilization                                    costs. The succeeding payment shall be based on project progress accomplishment billing.

                             5. The Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 9184 regarding the payment of liquidated damages shall applied in this Contract.

                             6. The Contractor shall comply with and strictly observed all laws regarding workmen's healthy and safety, workmen's welfare,                                              compensation for injuries, minimum wages, hours of labor and other laws.

                            7. The Contractor's agrees to hire at least 50% of the unskilled and 30% of the skilled labor requirements to be taken from the available                                  bonafide residents in this municipality in which the project is to be undertaken and penalizing those who fail to do so as per Republic                                  Act 6685.

                           8. The Contractor's Covenants and agrees to undertake allworks incidental to the completion of the project.

                           9. All other provisions of RA 9184 shall be applied to this Contract. In witness whereof, the parties have caused their respective signature                                to be hereunto affixed on the day and year first above written.

                          Signed, sealed, delivered by Hon. Ericson J. Sulibit, the Municipal Mayor (for the Entity)

                          Signed, sealed, delivered by Mr. Danilo E. Collantes, the Contractor (for the Contractor)

                          Binding Signature of PROCURING ENTITY

                         SGD. Hon. ERICOSN J. SULIBIT

                         Binding Signature of CONTRACTOR

                        SGD. MR. DANILO E. COLLANTES


                                                         SGD. MYRICK R. ROÑA                                      SGD. AIDA M. REYES

                         Republic of the Philippines)

                         Province of Laguna          ) S.S.

                         Municipality of Sta. Cruz  )



                                BEFORE ME, NOTARY PUBLIC for and in the Municipality of Liliw, Laguna personally appeared Ericson J. Sulibit with Employee ID No.                          1011-001 at his official capacity as the Mayor of Municipality of Liliw, Laguna representing the Republic of the Philippines and Nabong-                                Collantes Construction, represented by Danilo E. Collantes with SSS ID No. 04-10141708 known to me and to me known to be the same                              person who executed the foregoing CONTRACT AGREEMENT and they acknowledged that the same as their true act and deed for and in                              behalf of the PARTIES they represent.

                               This instrument consist of three pages including this page on which the acknowledgement is written duly signed by the contracting                              parties and their witnesses at the bottom of pages two of the instrument and on the felt margin of the other pages.

                               IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto fixed my signatuere and seal this 24th day of October, 2018.

                                                                                                                                      Sgd. Atty. ANTONIO P. RELOVA

                                                                                                                                                           Notary Public

                       Doc. No. 395                                                                                                    Until December 31, 2018

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