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Supply and delivery of medicines - Notice to Proceed

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  • Published: Tuesday, 11 September 2018 08:13
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                                           Standard Form Number: SF-GOODS-56

                                           Revised on: May 24, 2004

Republic of the Philippines

Province of Laguna



                                          August 31, 2018

                                         Seammed Pharma

                                         Mandaluyong City

                                        Dear Sir/Madam:

                                        The attached Purchase Order having been approved, notice is hereby given to Seammed Pharma, Mandaluyong City, that the                                              supply and delivery of medicines for the Rural Health Unit, this Municipality may commence within seven (7) days upon                                                      receipt of this notice.

                                        You are responsible for performing the services under the terms and conditions of the Agreement and in accordance with the                                                  Implementing Schedule.

                                        Please acknowledge receipt and acceptance to this notice by signing both copies in the space provided below. Keep one copy                                              and return the other to the BAC, Liliw, Laguna.

                                        Very truly yours,

                                        SGD. ERICSON J. SULIBIT

                                                    Municipal Mayor

                                         I acknowledge receipt of this Notice on 8/31/2018

                                         Name of the Representative of the Bidder: Emmanuel JB U. Ramos

                                         Authorize Signature: SGD. Emmanuel JB U. Ramos