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Supply and delivery of meals and snacks

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  • Published: Wednesday, 04 July 2018 08:12
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(Small Value Procurement - Sec. 53.9 of the Revised IRR of RA 9184)

                                           Reference No. 18-07-200

                                           Procuring Entity: Municipality of Liliw, Laguna

                                          Title: Supply and delivery of meals and snacks

                                          Area of Delivery: Laguna

                                                 The Municipal Government of Liliw,Laguna, through its Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), invites suppliers to submit                                                  their Request for Quotation for the hereunder project.

                                          Name of Project: Supply and delivery of meals and snacks

                                          Location: Liliw, Laguna

                                          Approved Budget for the Contract: Php52,000.00

                                          Period of Delivery: Eight (8) dys

                                         Date and Time of Submission of RFQ: July 190, 2018 @10:00A.M.

                                         Office of the Bids and Awards Committee

                                         Conference Room, 2nd Floor of the Municipal Building

                                         SGD. DONATO R. PLACENTE

                                                    BAC Chairman

                                        1. Meals and snacks for Backyardf/Container Gardening Seminar

                                             a) 50 pcs lunch

                                             b) 50 pcs snacks

                                       2. Meals and snacks for PABASA sa Nutrisyon

                                             a) 350 pcs lunch

                                             b) 350 pcs snacks