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Geographical Location

Liliw is one of the highland towns at the southern end of the province of Laguna . It is located 110 kms. from Metro Manila via Sta. Cruz and 105 kms. via San Pablo City . The municipality is bounded on the northeast by Magdalena (Laguna); on the northwest by Sta. Cruz (Laguna); on the west by Nagcarlan (Laguna); on the east by Majayjay (Laguna); and on the south by Dolores Quezon.

It has a total land area of 5,680.65 hectares and is politically subdivided into 33 barangays. The total land area of the barangays in the urban center or "poblacion" is 23.32 hectares with the remaining land areas in the north and south largely devoted to agriculture. It is situated on a hilly plain 1,200 ft. above sea level just at the foot of mystical and legendary Mt. Banahaw.

The municipality experiences two (2) seasons: wet and dry. The dry season begins in February and ends in June, the wet season lasts from July to December.


The total population as of 2008 is 32,727 (6,545 households) and is distributed in the "poblacion" and in different barangays of the municipality. About 8,317 of the population live in the poblacion while the remaining 24,410 are in the adjacent barangays.